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Hamas condemns Israel for preventing the entry of Sputnik vaccine into Gaza

Islamic Resistance Movement of Hamas held the Israeli occupation responsible for the implications of its refusal to pass Russia's Sputnik vaccine into Gaza, calling the international society to prevent Israel from committing such a crime.

"Israel prevention of entering the vaccine into the besieged Gaza is a real crime and an action violating all international laws and humanitarian norms," Hazem Qassim, spokesperson of Hamas, said to Safa. 

He added, "Israel's prevention to enter the vaccine to Gazans in one of the worst forms of racial discrimination practiced against the Palestinians."

"Prevention is one of the concepts Israeli has been applying in Gaza for 15 years," he pointed out. 

Qassim called on the international society and all concerned to step in and prevent Israel from committing this crime. Otherwise, they will be considered partners in crime. 

Minister of Health, Mai al-Kaila, stated yesterday that Israel prevented the entry of 2000 doses of Russia's Sputnik vaccine into Gaza. 

She clarified that those doses were meant for the doctors working in intensive care, and others working in the emergency departments.


Source : Safa

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